Entry #19

NG Office Visit: Achievements Unlocked!

2009-06-10 17:35:31 by Radioactive24


So today, a few of us got together at the NG Office. If you're not familiar with the real names of people, you're probably gonna end up clicking some links.

The brainchild of Bryce, we met up at the office. I met up with Simon and we carpooled down to Philly.

Unfortunately, we got there a bit late, and most of the office had gone to lunch, so we grabbed a bite down the road. When we got back, Rob was busily tinkering away on something (that we can't talk about yet, but you'll find out about soon enough :3), but Stamper took us up to the roof for a cigarette break. Simon, Stamper, and I sat and chatted for a little while, about movies, fans, and being artsy fartsy kids in general.

When we came back downstairs, everyone had come back. I hadn't seen Bryce since Big Apple Con, but unfortunately, the guys at the office had something important going on, so after being a gracious host, Tom gave us a warm farewell and we left.

Pretty unplanned, but still a fun, yet short, visit. And I managed to unlock one of my achievements! Still missing a few though :3 I managed to leave my copy of Alien hominid in the car. So close :'(

Hopefully, I can get to Wizard's World to make a brief appearance and molest Luis.


[ ] Play Street Fighter with Jeff
[ ] Fight About Silly Internet Drama With Mindchamber
[ ] Get Tom To Sign My Copy Of Alien Hominid
[x] Smoke With Stamper
[ ] Take A Picture With Wade: Literally
[ ] Be Involved With A Spontaneous Collab
[ ] Draw Penises With The Staff
[ ] Work At A Booth At A Convention

NG Office Visit: Achievements Unlocked!


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2009-06-10 17:37:34

sounds fun

Radioactive24 responds:

'Twas. Shorter than I had wished, but still fun.


2009-06-10 17:41:13

See you there.

Radioactive24 responds:

If I can make it.


2009-06-10 17:48:51

You lucky bastard. Post pics next time! :P

(Updated ) Radioactive24 responds:

I didn't take my camera. I figured someone else would have one. Shame I didn't.

The Stamper is a majestic creature in his natural habitat. The cigarette only enhances his mesmerizing aura. He's rarely captured on film.

Once in a lifetime experience.

Edit: I also noticed that that sounds like a fucking PokeDex entry.


2009-06-10 18:03:30

you should play MIKE at street fighter (and get obliterated)

(Updated ) Radioactive24 responds:

I couldn't think of anything witty to do with Mike :(

You're the aficionado on Street Fighter anywho.

Besides, I'm not a fan of getting my ass (v > ^ + P)'d.

We'll have to watch a movie next time. Simon and I went to the mal to kill some time afterwards and I snagged a 4 pack of Street Fighter movies and I'm not afraid of snuggling under the blanket.

He was sad that he didn't get to meet you though.


2009-06-10 18:32:07

You can just go down to NG office and meet them.
How cool I'll have to meet Utah there.

Radioactive24 responds:

Well, I was invited by Bryce, and beyond that, I don't know the policy for actually "visiting".


2009-06-10 18:40:35

Lol no more Internet drama for me thanks, I'll let you waste your life on that.

Radioactive24 responds:

Yours was a sarcastic one :3


2009-06-10 18:44:18

Sounds like a lot of fun. Lucky you

Radioactive24 responds:

Indeed. Very Lucky.


2009-06-10 19:19:29

i have absolutely no idea what stamper looks like.


2009-06-10 20:07:44

that makes sense.

Radioactive24 responds:

He's a little more manly now. Rockin' a goatee and being about 5 years older.


2009-06-10 21:29:28

I don't think i live too far from the office, keep meaning to try and go check it out someday

Radioactive24 responds:

Talk to Tom about it. I don't think "stopping by" is cool.


2009-06-10 23:29:20

eVo121 WAS HERE.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu_moi a-oVI for great movie

lolz cool pic thing

Radioactive24 responds:


Mades it mahself.


2009-06-10 23:39:31

lol cool

Radioactive24 responds:

You know it, brah.


2009-06-11 00:17:49

Mmmmyeah. you should totally rob those guys for fame n stuff.

(Updated ) Radioactive24 responds:

Nah, just a PS2 and some Street Fighter shit.

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/top ic/513149


2009-06-11 03:00:29


Radioactive24 responds:

Ironically,Bryce and I couldn't call each other and I only had your phone number.


2009-06-11 08:10:25

damn, I want to smoke with stamper! just to be in the same room would give me almighty perv powers!

Radioactive24 responds:

I can only hope his penisy fortitude rubbed off on me in the slightest.