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NG Office Visit: Achievements Unlocked!

2009-06-10 17:35:31 by Radioactive24


So today, a few of us got together at the NG Office. If you're not familiar with the real names of people, you're probably gonna end up clicking some links.

The brainchild of Bryce, we met up at the office. I met up with Simon and we carpooled down to Philly.

Unfortunately, we got there a bit late, and most of the office had gone to lunch, so we grabbed a bite down the road. When we got back, Rob was busily tinkering away on something (that we can't talk about yet, but you'll find out about soon enough :3), but Stamper took us up to the roof for a cigarette break. Simon, Stamper, and I sat and chatted for a little while, about movies, fans, and being artsy fartsy kids in general.

When we came back downstairs, everyone had come back. I hadn't seen Bryce since Big Apple Con, but unfortunately, the guys at the office had something important going on, so after being a gracious host, Tom gave us a warm farewell and we left.

Pretty unplanned, but still a fun, yet short, visit. And I managed to unlock one of my achievements! Still missing a few though :3 I managed to leave my copy of Alien hominid in the car. So close :'(

Hopefully, I can get to Wizard's World to make a brief appearance and molest Luis.


[ ] Play Street Fighter with Jeff
[ ] Fight About Silly Internet Drama With Mindchamber
[ ] Get Tom To Sign My Copy Of Alien Hominid
[x] Smoke With Stamper
[ ] Take A Picture With Wade: Literally
[ ] Be Involved With A Spontaneous Collab
[ ] Draw Penises With The Staff
[ ] Work At A Booth At A Convention

NG Office Visit: Achievements Unlocked!

Recently, a user named Camoraz made a post (with a lot of poorly designed ASCII) complaining about why he liked ArmorGames and Kongregate better than Newgrounds, proceeding to cite that, in general, NG was a filthy, abhorrent cesspool that was absolutely not appropriate for children, compared to the "mature", "sensitive", and "friendly" sites he so loves.

Naturally, I had to make a very upstandish and eloquent reply, attempting to dissuade the poor lad from his erroneous ways (prove him wrong). This was my reply.

"You see, that's what makes Newgrounds a unique community; people can say what they want (within very broad reason), do what they want (again, SOME limits), and in general just be happy.

Or, in some cases on the forum, be miserable douchebags.

Now, you don't seem to understand things about how Newgrounds works in comparison to the other two sites you listed. ArmorGames and Kongregate, while both feature user-created content, are selective and exclusive about their features, which is usually moderated by a staff.

On NG, the user-created content is not only completely free of rules, but is moderated my the users themselves. The staff really only puts things on the front page that they find interesting and think others might or are general "Hey, look what we did as an online Flash community." type deal. That is also a double-edged sword. Yeah, some people make screamers and porn, but for the most part, people make movies here for fun and to express artistic talent. Even if you don't LIKE the fact that something just popped up and scared the shit out of you, you really don't have anyone to be mad at but yourself for being gullible. Read comments and read author's notes if you want to screen what you watch more carefully.

On that note, with the amount of users that we have, everyone is different. Some people are the internet toughguys, like me. We get put out foot down when it comes to it, and if things need to be said, it's going to be blunt and straight to the point. You also have your whiny 13 year olds (which you remind me of), who complain incessantly about nudity, swearing, and violence. Those things are shown in ratings on every page, and now with the new layout, there's no chance that you don't know there is "ADULT CONTENT" in movies like the Street Fighter Collab.

As far as who views what, that's strictly up to the user. Think about how many people have lied about their age on this site. I have met people aging from 10-12 on this site, when it clearly says that you need to be 13 to register an account. Oops. And by clicking on the mature content items, depending on what they are, you are agreeing that you are of an age that it is agreeable, if not legal, for you to view/participate in things like that. I guess you lied when you watched the SF Collab. Oops.

And everything you've said for the other sites is true here. ArmorGames was founded by members of Newgrounds, and they continue to have a lasting relationship with artists and programmers on this site. Kongregate may be a bit less crude and brash than NG, but that doesn't mean that EVERY PERSON ON THIS SITE IS FOULMOUTHED AND DOES NOT CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER >:c

I've made a lot of friends here, and if you don't act like an idiot, people won't usually treat you like one. In fact, the Flash forum is relatively civil, if not helpful. Granted that the general forum is full of hooligans and that the art forum's threads always seem to end up as cock jokes, it's a mixed bag of characters, but everyone blends together to make a unique community that cannot be compared.

You say that the mods need to do their jobs? Okay, lets see about 50 people, who have regular lives and jobs outside of the internet, try and maintain a board with a flow of at least a few thousand users. I mean, it's not like the don't get paid to do this and they're just volunteers, right? They try their best, and in general, they do a decent job with what they can.

It's unfortunate that you're so closed-minded to things that make this such a great site. If Newgrounds hadn't existed, neither would either of your "favorite" sites.

Ultimately, if you don't like it here, leave. If not, accept the people and things for how they are, and move the hell on. This is the way it is, the way it has been, and the way it will be.

P.S. Newgrounds is NOT a site for children. Clearly."

It's really a shame that people don't understand that Newgrounds is Newgrounds, and that it's unique. Nothing will ever be like it, and it will never be like anything else.
Except for that one time...

Credit to PsychoGoldfish for making the picture and archiving this shit back in '06. Good times.

Newgrounds: Not ArmorGames or Kongregate

New Header, AFD6 Update, Monkey Tour, and Finals

2009-04-29 12:18:39 by Radioactive24

New Header

So I finally got around to making a new header, tell me what you guys think.

I wanted to try my hand at getting something to fit with the NG and continue through, essentially similar to what Jeff/Johnny Utah used to have.

Leave some crit, bitches :3

AFD6 Update

Yeah... it's still going, just veeeeeery slow. Waiting on a few people to do their parts, but it's no use to hustle those certain people until after tomorrow, seeing as Pico Day has been an endeavor for almost all of them.

But let me tell you, it WILL be the best AFD yet.

Monkey Your

So at this moment, I have Clive the Monkey in my possession.

If you haven't heard, Clive's traveling around the world. The US tour is already booked and set up, but he's going to be hitting Canada, the UK, Europe, Austrailia, and probably Asia or Africa if interest is shown.

Check out some of the pictures, make some comments, have a ball!


Yeah, if you thought high school finals were bad, try college finals.

I'm ready to off myself.

I'm getting ready to head off to the worst final I'll ever have in my life... hopefully.

Enjoy the tag job. Angryfaic!

New Header, AFD6 Update, Monkey Tour, and Finals

Flash Competitions: A Charge to NG Artists

2009-01-08 13:12:43 by Radioactive24

So, I was going to my college's website to try and find out how to send stuff there, and I saw on their banner that two kids who go there had won first place awards at the 2008 West Virginia Flash Animation Festival.

At first I was really shocked and surprised. Then, I realize that I had heard NOTHING about this, and I was kinda pissed. But, I talked myself out of that, I mean, if they're representing a COLLEGE, then they have to be pretty good. That, and they WON first place. Right?


Sure, there were one or two nice things, but the rest were kinda lame or trashy. Though, it was funny to see some NG preloaders in there and I recognized the Honorable Mention for the Comedy award(which really should have won, considering the winner SUCKS). Since when has "Flash Video" meant "Make a menu and embed videos"? When has a knockoff of some Zombie Survival game I can't remember the name of deserved second place, only to a game TWO YEARS OLD, but was also hosted here...

BUT! There was 1 thing that I thought was amazing: One of our own, Biff the Timid won FIRST PLACE in the "Dramatic Short" section with a movie ON THIS SITE, Outlaw.

So, congrats to BiffTheTimid, and I extend this challenge to all of Newgrounds:

Get out there and make yourselves known. Look at this, and think about what you can do.

I think it's time that we get our shit together and show these people what NG can do!

So, there you have it NG: Flash competitions are lame and it's up to us to get out there and do our stuff to make them not suck, just like BiffTheTimid.

Also, mandatory dick joke.

Flash Competitions: A Charge to NG Artists

So I was at a party near my college last night for my friends's birthday. I got smashed, but that's off the point.

I actually ended up partying with Julius Von Brunk, who, while drinking, told me about some of the new flash movies. Among other things, like drunken Super Smash Bros. Brawl and building some insane shit out of the bottles and cans, we also watched some of his acting stuff that he did with Reel Splatter Productions, a comedy gore movie group.

Anyways, it was quite the night and a funny surprise.

Julius, if you read this, we never made it to the fucking playground :c

Party Like A... Newgrounds Icon?

Yeah, that's right. It's been almost 2 years and AFD6 still isn't technically dead yet.

Why? I refuse to let it die.

I mean, shit, I have enough done to submit it, but why submit something that feels unfinished? That'd be like Michaelangelo looking up at the Sistine Chapel and calling it quits because he was bored and he thought it looked "good enough".

So, as I posted in the forum, it's not dead. In fact, it's more like it's sick and right now I'm pouring a few glasses of OJ. OJ in the form of talking tomore people and punching Luis in the peepee place.

- New round of recruiting
- Increased hassling of unfinished members
- More time to assemble/finish parts
- Less distractions
- 25% less sugar
- User Tested, Parent Appalled


Here's a link to the "official" post on the BBS in the "official" topic, but really, I barely read it. As it says, you'd be better off to contact me personally.

If you are interested, feel free to shoot me an PM, IM, or email. Everything is still open to all.

Hoping you all had a good International Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day,

Oh God, It's Not Dead Yet...

Huzzah! I'm 18!

2008-07-21 00:23:49 by Radioactive24


July 5th.

It was pretty fun.

Well, at least now I can buy my own cigarettes.

Big Apple Con: Like Sex In A Box

2008-06-09 00:26:35 by Radioactive24

So I just got home from my most recent adventure: Big Apple-con in NYC!

Overall, it was fucking tight(I didn't spend as much money as I thought I would :3) and I was really glad to meet a lot of different NG users.

Best $130 or so I've ever spent.

Day 1
Well, as far as my first time traveling solo goes, it was really awesome.

I got a bit lost getting off my train and shit, but after getting oriented and finding the place, I ended up waiting in line to get in with Afro-ninja and Krinkels. That was a blast.

On the way in we met up with the Super Milburn Bros. (Nathaniel and Bryce) and we went in.

At a first glance, the place was really fucking intimidating. It was wall to wall comics. I myself was expecting maybe a bit of Anime or Manga, but there was fucking NONE. Shit, NG was the really only non-comic thing there. Fo' real.

Anyways, we made our way back to the booth where we met up with Bob, Tomamato, Mindchamber, Swain, and our resident grumpy mexican, Luis.

As the day came and went, I met a lot of people I have worked with/talked to online.

As I had forewarned, I launched a full attack with my Rape Missiles at Nogfish, who really should have fucking played along a bit more. That would have made hilarious video >:c We hung out for a little bit and then a few of us wanted to go see the Nintendo World store and Darkshadow8181 is from Brooklyn and a basic idea where it was, thusly there was a journey. It was a bit of a letdown, I won't lie. We were really just killing some time until...

Tom and April arrived around 2 pm, so it was fun to see "the beard", seeing as last time I saw him he was bare like a babe. It was fun to play catch up. I can say that I kicked his ass at NG Rumble, which Mindchamber had set up to play with four-player action with controllers :D

Eventually, The Milburns and I got kinda bored shooting the shit eith everyone, so we stole Darkshadow8181 and went back to our appartment to listen to the Sick Animations CD Nathaniel got (it was fucking awesome, I got one the next day!).

Eventually, we left to meet up with all the rest of the guys at a kitsch little restaurant called Pop Burger. We got there a little late to the party but I ended up sitting next to El-presidente and eating most of his calamari. The food was kinda shitty, but sitting next to a slightly buzzed Tomamato and watching some shitty 80's dancing movie without any sound was entertaining. I wish I had been able to join in on the drinking, I felt a bit left out :c

Anyways, on the way out, we were all getting our money together and Tom said he was going to pick up the tab! Thanks, Tom! You're too fucking awesome!

We got back to our room about 10 pm and we all crashed.

Day 2

We woke up a little sore because we had walked all over the day before. We watch VH1's Hottest People of the 90's until about noon and then we grabbed a cab to the convention.

This was probably the most interesting day.

I think I actually gave out my signature about 5 or 6 times and I actually had a fan ask me about some stuff. I didn't even know I fucking had fans. Awesome.

As for the most part of the day, it was really a bit of a blur. I spent a good portion of the afternoon chatting with Cz-Backlash and drawing penises in his sketchbook. Eventually, Kirbopher15 showed up too and that was a blast. I spent the day sitting in front of the booth and palling around with the guys. I think I met Reyals, but he must have gotten a haircut or something. He was too quiet or everything else was too loud. I kinda ended up working at the booth a little. Just a little.

As all good things come to an end, it was time to go. Cz-Backlash, Kirbopher15 and I helped all the "official" NG representatives teardown and pack up, which was actually pretty fun. We said our good-byes, head our ways, and Tomamato and I ended up heading to Borders and getting some Manga(I convinced him to get some Negima! and I got some shit for myself). That killed about half an hour and I have another hour to wait for my train(which ended up being delayed out the ass).

Overall, possibly the best weekend ever. I only wish I had had a better camera and it hadn't been so fucking hot. I was almost constantly sweating and nasty :c

The picture is Nogfish and I after my attempted rape. Guess who's who :3


Big Apple Con: Like Sex In A Box

Better MGS Collab (Fuck you, Jeff!)

2008-04-01 03:06:39 by Radioactive24
Updated 5868

Go join in guys! Let's beat NG HQ! Stamper and Tom and Jeff and Mindchamber can suck our wangs!

P.S. This was a joke for April Fool's Day. At like 3 in the morning, a few of the Flash Regs flooded the Flash Forum with spammy collab threads, but since Tom was legitimately concerned that someone had highjacked Luis' account, he cleaned up house.

Hence why the thread really got deleted :3 It was not Jeff... that I know of >_>

Better MGS Collab (Fuck you, Jeff!)

[newgrounds] is out!

2008-02-24 20:51:30 by Radioactive24

So, I made a short tribute to [adult swim], Newgrounds, and Egoraptor/Metal Gear Awesome 2 ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

The only question left to ask is: When do I get my daily? ;3

Go vote five and review, I'll respond.

Just don't be a schmuck like one guy already is and NOT READ the Author's Comments.

Seriously, we write them for a reason.

[newgrounds] is out!